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Access rules to the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro following the Covid-19 emergency

Dear Colleagues,
referring to the provisions issued by the INFN Crisis Unit and provided that the user must inform himself beforehand about the possible restrictions on entry into Italy from his own country, I would like to inform you that until further notice, external users will be allowed only if previously authorized by the LNL Director according to the rules contained in the INFN guidelines, available in the LNL website.
In addition to completing the access forms available at the LNL website users will be required to formalise their knowledge of the Covid-19 containment standards upon signature of self-declaration, as per the attached form (available in Italian and in English) and, in 2021, they must have completed the COVID-19 course, also available in English. If you need to register for the course, please send your request to, specifying your preferred language (Italian-English).
This procedure applies in 2021 to all users, including those who already have a valid access authorization.
To allow the user to access the Laboratories, the person in charge must send the request to at least 15 days in advance and he must inform the user about the rules, sign the self-declaration and have it delivered to the Management Service (Silvia Pezzin) in advance by email and in original on the first day of access.To allow compliance with this procedure, requests for access authorisation must be sent in time, that is at least two weeks before the date on which access to the laboratories is requested.

Rules concerning the registration as LNL users for year 2021

Rules concerning the registration as LNL users for year 2022


Requests lacking in signatures will not be accepted

For non INFN users, the forms have to be sent by PEC to

For INFN users, the forms have to be sent to

For users coming from foreign institutes, the forms must be sent by email to

Note: before filling the LNL access forms, it is necessary to read the information note on processing of personal data by INFN


(print it on headed notepaper with stamp and your Institution Director’s signature)

Access to the guest house

For further information contact:
Direction Service
Phone: (+39) 0498068521