Radioprotection service

The missions of the Radiation Protection Service include the following actions:

  • establish, adopt, and maintain high standards of radiation protection for LNL accelerators, other minor radiogenic equipment, radiation detectors and radioactive substances.
  • provide competent technical assistance to users who use radiogenic sources.
  • carry out physical environmental surveillance.
  • ensure that radiation detectors are calibrated and in good working order.
  • respond, to the extent of their competence, to radiological emergencies and follow-up investigations.
  • carry out all the calculations necessary for shielding and diffusion of radioactive effluents.

The Service:

  • provides personal dosimeters to workers with occupational exposure.
  • keeps the personal dosimetry cards of exposed workers.
  • proposes radiation protection standards to be issued and protocols on new practices.
  • monitors the correct use of X-ray machines and radioactive sources.
  • collects, stores, and disposes of low-level radioactive waste and carries out studies and research on topics relating to radiation protection.

More information about radioprotection are in a dedicated website.