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The LNL User Board (hereafter called LNL-UB) is an advisory committee of the LNL Director.

Its role is to discuss the progress of ongoing programs at the laboratory, including technical, administrative and logistical problems of the user. It acts as an interface between the user community and the direction of the LNL laboratories, monitoring the users’ experiences and recommending possible changes to the LNL direction.

The LNL User Community is composed of all the researchers, accelerator physicists and engineers utilising the ion beams accelerated by the LNL accelerator complex and in general the research infrastructures of the laboratories.

The LNL User Community elects, among its members, a User Board (hereafter called LNL-UB) composed of seven members. Members of the LNL-UB are also the accelerators’ coordinators and the responsible of the User Service of the laboratories. The LNL-UB is elected for three years and can be re-elected only once. The LNL-UB designates, among its members, a Coordinator. The Coordinator calls and convenes the LNL-UB and the User Community meetings.

The LNL User Community will meet in a User Community meeting at least once per year.

The LNL-UB, represented by its Coordinator, has the duty to inform the LNL Users Community about the results of the User Community meetings and about the initiatives of the LNL. To this purpose, a deputy of the LNL-UB, usually the Coordinator, is invited by the Director to attend the LNL council meetings as an observer.

User Board Members

Simone BottoniINFN Milano and University of MilanoUser Board member
Matteo CampostriniINFN LNLUser Board member
Franco GaltarossaINFN PadovaUser Board member
Elena GeraciINFN Catania and University of CataniaUser Board member
Tea MijatovicRuder Boskovic Institute of Zagabria (Croatia)User Board member
Denise PiattiINFN Padova and University of PadovaUser Board member
Marco RocchiniUniversity of Guelph (Canada)User Board member
Andrea GottardoINFN LNLTandem-Alpi-Piave Coordinator
Anna SelvaINFN LNLAN2000 and CN Coordinator
Tommaso MarchiINFN LNLLNL User Service Responsible

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User Board meetings

User Community meetings

  • User Community meeting 13/10/2016 (agenda)
  • User Community meeting 21/11/2017 (agenda)
  • User Community meeting 17-18/10/2018 (agenda)
  • User Community meeting 4-5/11/2019 (agenda)

Schools and events

V Topical Workshop on Modern Aspects in Nuclear Structure: “The many Facets of Nuclear Structure”
Bormio (MI), 4 – 9 February 2020

To contact the User Board and subscribe to LNL Users Community write to this mail address:[NOSPAM]

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