Particle Physics (CSN1)

Coordinator: Sergio Fantinel
Phone: 049 8068489

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CSN1 manages and finances experiments related to subnuclear or high energy physics. The goal is the study of the interactions of the first constituents of matter with particle accelerators. The main activities are: precision measurements of the parameters of the Standard Model, the search for new physical phenomena, verification of quantum mechanics and fundamental symmetries. In this sector, 3 experiments are currently operating at the Large Hardon Collider (LHC) of CERN in Geneva, which mainly study proton collisions accelerated to the highest energy ever reached in the laboratory: 6.5 TeV. Experiments are added to other accelerators in Europe, USA, China, Japan.



National Responsible: Lucia Silvestris (Bari)

Local Responsible: Sergio Fantinel

The CMS experiment is one of the so-called LHC general-purpose experiments. Its scientific scope, originally focused on the search for the Higgs boson, discovered in 2012, has now branched out into a variety of precision studies and searches of physical phenomena unexplainable by Standard Model theory.

The CMS LNL group is in charge of the distributed computing center of the second level node of the Tier2 LNL-Padova grid and of activities related to the muon drift chamber detector (drift tube) and to the data acquisition system.

The distributed Tier2 of LNL-Padova is one of the computing centers with the highest availability and efficiency (> 99.9%) of the CMS collaboration. It houses 7900 CPU cores for analysis and 4810 TB of disk space. It is a computer center in common with the ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) experiment at CERN. The CMS group from Legnaro also contributed to the development of the data acquisition system of the experiment (central DAQ) in the part of the Run Control Monitor System and to the acquisition system dedicated to drift tubes (drift tube) for the detection of muons ( local DT DAQ). Since 2010 the group has participated in the data taking phases in the CMS control room at point P5 at Cessy in France, with experts dedicated to cDAQ shifts. Since 2013 he has been contributing with expert shifts on call for the drift chamber detector (DT DOC), with data taking and development tasks for the Run 3 and HL-Lumi LHC. Since September 2020, the role of DT deputy run coordinator has been assigned to LNL staff.

CMS experiment
LNL-Padova distributed computing farm
CMS detectors in the cavern at CERN P5 near Cessy (France)


National Responsible: Nadia Pastrone (Torino)

Local Responsible: Stefano Corradetti