Sustainable Mobility


The LNL have decided to equip themselves with a Mobility Manager (MM), who has the task of annually drawing up a Home-Work Travel Plan (PSCL) and to encourage the use of low environmental impact vehicles (bicycle, electric scooters, scooters, means and/or methods of collective transport, public transport, etc.) as well as informing staff of the criteria and methods for receiving contributions and/or incentives for soft mobility. (Ministerial Decree of 03/27/1998, DL 05/19/20 Relaunch Decree)

How to move to and from LNL

By public transport

The Legnaro National Laboratories are served on the roadside by the extra-urban transport service on the SITA-BusItalia lines which mainly cover the Padua – Piove di Sacco – Chioggia section. The Padua city bus service (BusItalia) reaches terminus No. 14 at Ponte San Nicolò, about one kilometre from the LNL and with line No. 15 at Granze di Camin about 3.5 kilometres away and with line No. ° 7 in Saonara about 4 kilometers from the LNL. Now, therefore, the most convenient way to get to work by public transport is to use the suburban lines. Depending on the line, the stop is located along the state road or on University avenue in front of the LNL entrance.

BUSItalia: extra-urban lines Padua-Legnaro -Piove di Sacco E001, E002, E003, E003B, E004, E005, E066

BUSItalia: urban line n°14 Padua-Ponte San Nicolò

By car

The LNL can mainly be reached from the Padua-Piove di Sacco road axis via the SP516 Romea state road and with the new Olmo road for those arriving from the Bologna-Padua motorway, from the Interporto exit and from the industrial area of ​​Padua. From the south it is possible to reach the National Laboratories through the new road network of the university complex and Agripolis (for those arriving from Legnaro, Polverara, Brugine), while from the north of Legnaro for those arriving from Saonara through the SP516.

By bike

The Laboratories can however be reached starting from Padua using the pleasant cycle path mixed with dirt road that starts from the districts located south of the city up to Ponte San Nicolò and the Roncaiette hamlet along the embankment of the Scaricatore canals and the homonymous Roncaiette in an area agricultural and green; then continuing from Isola dell’Abbà towards Agripolis along via Petrarca and turning north-west you can reach the LNL in a safe route even if not completely dedicated to bicycles and pedestrians; from the industrial area of ​​PD Est there is a safe cycle path between the intersection of Corso Stati Uniti and Granze di Camin, then continuing on a road route up to Ponte San Nicolò. Currently there is no direct and safe route for cyclists, with respect to the one mentioned above, which connects Ponte San Nicolò to the LNL.

Current activities

The ciclosfida is an activity that has the aim of stimulating the use of the bicycle when going to work and consists of compiling a table on a weekly basis with the number of journeys made. In this way, data relating to the kilometers traveled will be collected as well as the environmental and economic savings achieved both on a personal and group level among all the participants.

To participate in the challenge just write to the MM for registration. This challenge is preparatory to the one that in September involves all the INFN sections during the Sustainable Mobility Week.


Active teams:

N°1 Verona – Vicenza – Grisignano – LNL
N°2 Via Facciolati – Ponte S.Nicolò – LNL
N°3 Due Carrare – Casalserugo – LNL
N°4 Piazzale S.Croce – Voltabarozzo – LNL
N°5 Reschigliano – Cadoneghe – LNL


The agreement between INFN and Eni Enjoy car sharing allows all INFN employees to take advantage of discounted rates for the use of Enjoy shared cars in Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, and Bologna. To use it after downloading the Enjoy app, you need to register with the institutional email, the agreed tariff will consequently be activated.

For information, proposals, and suggestions: Michele Lollo Tel. 049.8068.648-307