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Please note:
A. The table assumes:  

  1. a terminal voltage of 14 MV of the XTU-Tandem;
  2. the maximum available accelerating field of medium and high beta sections of ALPI at their power dissipation reference value (7 W per cavity)
  3. Intensity limitations may derive from radiation protection requirements, Tandem stripper lifetime and maximum current through the superconducting RFQs.

B.  Values obtained with 2 stripping foils are underlined.

C.  The isotopes that requires enriched source target materials are marked with (*) Users who select a beam marked with (**) are kindly advised to contact the Accelerator Division ( for technical information before submitting a proposal with this beam.

D.  In each reported case, lower-than-maximum energies do not imply higher currents on target.

E.  Possible accelerator configurations are:  T-A (Tandem or Tandem-ALPI), T-A with low b (Tandem-ALPI including ALPI low beta section), P-A (PIAVE-ALPI).


Values updated in January 2020.
Please consider the following:

  1. With respect to the previously published table, the accelerating field of the resonators - on which the attainable energies are based - are more realistic and trustworthy;

  2. The values are based on a maximum available Tandem voltage of 14 MV instead of the previous 14,5 MV, with some conservatism due to the recent profound maintenance on this accelerator.


For different beam species and additional information, please contact the Tandem-Linac operation team (