Call for Proposals 2020
Period: May - July 2020

Deadline: January 31, 2020


Proposals must be submitted only via web. Please, use the on-line submission form to apply for beam time at the TANDEM-Alpi Accelerators.

The first part, "Beam Time Request", must be completed in all the fields. You have also to attach the "proposal" file (description of the experiment).

You are encouraged to use the LaTeX template files for the abstract and body of the proposal, available below.

The maximum length of the abstract has to be restricted to one page and must contain:

- the title of the proposal;
- the accelerator complex to be used (e.g. Tandem-ALPI-PIAVE, CN, AN2000)
- the experimental setup for which the experiment is proposed (e.g. PRISMA, GALILEO, LIRAS, GAMIPE, GARFIELD, PISOLO, EXOTIC, SIRAD, etc.);
- the name(s) of the spokesperson(s);
- the names of the Group Leader In Matter of Safety (GLIMOS); 
- the list of all the authors and their affiliation;
- a brief summary of the proposal.

The body of the proposal does not contain the abstract page and has to be strictly limited to a maximum of 5 pages (12pt fonts) - tables, figures and references included.

The proposals should include the scientific motivation of the experiment, technical details of the proposed measurement - i.e. the description of the instrumentation needed, quantities to be measured and related precision - and the number of days of beam time requested based on count- rate estimates. Where applicable, a brief summary of the status of any experiment performed in previous periods is expected to be reported. Where applicable, a brief summary of the status of any experiment performed in previous periods is expected to be reported.

IMPORTANT: please use the following LATEX templates to produce the abstract and proposal:

ABSTRACT Template - PROPOSAL (body) Template

Once you have submitted the "Beam Time Request" a report page on inserted data will be displayed and you will be asked to fill in also the on-line "Targets Request Form". The Targets Request form may be filled in more times by clicking again the "Targets Request Form" link in the report page.

After the submission, You will receive an e-mail message confirming that your request has been registered. Do not delete the message, because it also contains a password needed for later modifications (see below).


The whole Tandem-ALPI-PIAVE accelerator complex will be operational for the next semester.
The Tandem accelerator can be operated at terminal voltages up to 14 MV.
An updated list of available beams and energies is accessible by following the links:

Technical Review of the Proposals

After the submission and before the PAC meeting, the technical feasibility of the proposals (in terms of beam availability, intensity, energy, target, status of the accelerators, readiness of the experimental setup, radioprotection limits, accident safety and prevention) will be rewiewed by an internal LNL committee.
The spokespersons will be notified about the technical evaulation of their proposals about 10 days before the PAC meeting.

Beamtime Schedule

Updated information of the LNL beamtime schedule can be found at the web address:


Oral presentation of the proposals (10 minutes + 10 minutes discussion) is required; it should contain previously obtained results, if applicable.



The HORIZON2020 ENSAR2 Grant Agreement nr. 654002 will officially end on February 28th 2020.
An extension of six months has been requested to the European Community and is, at the moment, under evaluation.
In the present situation, it is not possible to guarantee the Transnational Access financial support for the period covered by the next LNL PAC.
In any case, we encourage the request for Transnational Access Support, following the usual procedure indicated in the web page:

To be eligible to benefit from access to the infrastructure under the ENSAR2 Agreement, a user group must satisfy the following condition: the user group leader (spokesperson) and the
majority of the users must work in an institution established in a Member State or Associated State, other than Italy.

For further information please contact Dr. Marco Cinausero (

The application form for ENSAR2 has to be attached in the LNL on-line proposal submission page. In addition, the form has to be sent via email with a copy of the proposal to the following
email address:


Marco Mazzocco
Scientific Coordinator of LNL Tandem-Alpi-Piave accelerator complex

Other forms

Radiation Protection/Responsibility declaration

The Responsibility Declaration (used also as unique form for the request of radioactive sources and dosemeters) is available at the address For further information please contact the Radiation Protection Service (Daniela Zane - +39-049-8068322,
fax +39-049-8068889, The form must be sent at least a week before any specific run.

Access to LNL

Please, remember that the access to LNL is subordinate to having obtained the access authorization and complied with the current rules in the field of radioprotection for all the people involved in the experiment. Please, refer to this link or contact the Direction Secretariat Service (+39-049-8068521, fax +39-049-8068514,