Made with Xara 13th International Congress of the  International Radiation Protection  Association (IRPA) was held at  Glascow, from 13-18 May 2012 SATIF - 11 11-13 September 2012 KEK,JAPAN The activities of the Task Force on  Shielding Aspects of Accelerators,  Targets and Irradiation Facilities (SATIF) are jointly sponsored by the OECD  Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and its  Nuclear Science Committee (NSC), the  Radiation Safety Information  Computational Center (RSICC) of ORNL, The Division of Radiation Science and  Technology of Atomic Energy Society of Japan, and CERN. IRPA 13, Glascow 13-18 May, 2012  1) "g Dose rate evaluation at a Radioactive Ion Beam Facility", by L. Sarchiapone and D. Zafiropoulos. Poster has been accepted. 2) “Neutron fields around LNL CN accelerator and the JRC Ispra’s cyclotron measured with BSS”, by L. Sarchiapone, D. Zafiropoulos, F. Simonelli, A. Bulgheroni, G. Cotogno, U. Holzwarth, G. Minchillo and D. Giuffrida. Poster has been accepted. 11th International Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques Crete, Greece, June 12-18, 2011  1) “Radiation Protection aspects of the SPES project at LNL” submitted by L. Sarchiapone and D.  Zafiropoulos has been accepted for oral presentation. Then published in American Institute of  Physics, Conference Proceedings 1412, 2011. 2) “Dose response of CR-39 neutron dosimeters used at LNL for personal monitoring", submitted  by M.C. Buoso, L. Sarchiapone and D. Zafiropoulos has been accepted for poster presentation.  3) “A nondestructive multidisciplinary approach for technical examination of the illuminated  Byzantine Evangelistary (Codex N.2) from the Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine  Studies in Venice”, submitted by M.C. Buoso, D. Ceccato, M. De Poli, C. Maltezou and D.  Zafiropoulos has been accepted for poster presentation. 4) “Preliminary results from physical analysis on the Antonio Piffetti’s masterpiece: the18th-century  altar front exposed in the International Museum of Applied Arts of Turin, Italy”, submitted by M.C.  Buoso, D. Ceccato, M. De Poli and D. Zafiropoulos has been accepted for poster presentation.  News Latest information on our activities “Πάν μέτρον άριστον” To link: