Made with Xara Working around LNL accelerators requires to fullfill and send in advance (at least 4 days), at the Radiation Protection Service, the Responsability Declaration. This form must be signed by the experiment spokesperson or by someone else unequivocally designed by him. Moreover, access into an experimental hall in the presence of the beam sometimes is necessary. This permission can be given by the LNL Expert Qualified under user request (at least 4 days in advance) to deliver at the Radiation Protection Service. Very often radioactive sources are needed by the users for detector calibration or device irradiation. The request has to be done at the Radiation Protection Service using the appropriate form. No sources will be given to whom has non forseen to reported to his/her radiation protection schedule.   FORMS Fullfill in advance the forms that are necessary and send them to us Fill what you need Radioactive sources available Users, under request, can obtain for short periods (max. 2 weeks) radioactive sources. Why all this burocracy The forms that you will write out in  the right manner they will help us  to serve you better, prepare in  advance your personal dosimeters and the sources that you need.   “Πάν μέτρον άριστον” Notes (UK) (UK) (A3 format)