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Driving science @ LNL: experimental setups


Detectors for Nuclear Physics studiesLocal Contact
PRISMA Large solid angle magnetic spectrometer for heavy ions with ion tracking capabilities, for binary reaction studies and possible upgrade for gas filled operation. A. Stefanini
PISOLO time of flight spectrometer for transfer reactions and electrostatic deflector for evaporation residues A. Stefanini
GALILEO Array composed of 30 gamma-ray Ge detectors with anti-Compton shields and 10 triple cluster Ge detectors realized with the capsules of the previous EUROBALL array. The system will be complemented with a 4-pi Si ball for charged particles (EUCLIDES) and a neutron detector (NWALL). Other detectors are in development (NEDA, TRACE, SPIDER, LaBr3)
J.J. Valiente Dobon
GAMIPE set-up for g-factor measurements  
GARFIELD high granularity 4-pi array for light particles and heavy fragments F. Gramegna
RIPEN neutron detector array for reaction studies M. Cinausero
TRAPRAD magneto-optical trap (MOT) for atomic trapping of exotic nuclei  
"Travelling" detectors
AGATA The European gamma-ray tracking array  
NWALL Neutron detector array consisting of 50 closely packed liquid scintillator detectors.  
FAZIA A new 4pi particle detector for charged particles.  

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