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AN2000 is mainly used principally for interdisciplinary studies in materials science, solid state physics, biomedical analysis, radiation and environmental physics and geology, with nuclear investigation techniques such as Rutherford and Non-Rutherford Backscattering (RBS), Ion Channeling, Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA), low energy nuclear reaction analysis (NRA) and Proton Induced x-ray Emission (PIXE) on crystalline and amorphous semiconductors, ceramic and glassy materials and on metal alloy thin films or on environmental city or marine aerosol samples.
The micro-beam facility is available on the 0° beam line.
Proposals of experiments are evaluated and selected by the 9 members of Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Its main features are:
  • It is an Electrostatic accelerator, Van de Graaff type
  • It has a single stage belt-charging system
  • The maximum terminal working voltage is 2.2 MV
  • Available accelerated ions: 1H+, 4He+
  • The beam is only continuous
  • The maximum ion energy is 2.2 MeV
  • There is 1 experimental hall with 5 beam lines, one of them is dedicated to the micro-beam facility

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