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CN is mainly used for interdisciplinary research, neutron physics and advanced educational purposes.

Proposals of experiments are evaluated and selected by the 9 members of Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Its main features are:

  • It is an Electrostatic accelerator, Van de Graaff type

  • It has a single stage belt-charging system

  • The maximum terminal working voltage is 6 MV, after 3 days of conditioning or 5 MV after 2 days of conditioning

  • Available accelerated ions are 1H+, 2H+, 3He+, 4He+, 4He++,15N++

  • The beam may be continuous or pulsed (pulsed beams: 1H+, 4He+)

  • The maximum ion energies are 6 MeV for single charged ions; 12 MeV for 4He++; 8 MeV for 15N++ 

  • There is 1 experimental hall and 7 beam lines

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