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Special projects

Special Research Projects are carried out  at LNL, on the grounds of special decisions of INFN and/or the Ministry of University, Education and Research. 

Seven special projects are present at LNL, in the context of CSN 5:

  • ITALRAD (National INFN Responsible and LNL person in charge: F. Mantovani) Radioactivity mapping
  • MUNES (National INFN Responsible: A. Pisent; LNL person in charge: E. Fagotti) Intense neutron sources from accelerator
  • LARAMED (National INFN Responsible: A. Duatti; LNL person in charge: M. Pasquali) Production of radioisotopes for medicine
  • ESS-MIUR (National INFN Responsible: S. Gammino; LNL person in charge: A. Pisent) Neutron sources in spallation
  • IFMIF (National INFN Responsible: A. Pisent) Accelerators for fusion
  • INFN_E (National INFN Responsible: M. Ripani) Nuclear physics application to energy
  • SPES (National INFN Responsible: G. Prete) Selective production of exotic beams
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