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Welcome to Legnaro National Laboratories (LNL)

lnl flagsLNL is one of the four national labs of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). The mission is to perform basic research in nuclear physics and nuclear-astrophysics, together with applications of nuclear technologies.

Around 700 scientists from all over the world are involved in the ongoing research programs. Every day about 250 people work at LNL, half of them being INFN employees (physicists, engineers, technicians....) the remaining half coming from universities and research institutions in Italy and abroad. The laboratory budget is nearly 20 Million Euro per year, half for handling and research, half for personnel. Strength points are the development of particle accelerators and of nuclear radiation detectors, and the technology transfer.

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The INFN and the University of Padua patent a new type of electrostatic accelerator

On May 17th 2021 the Italian Ministry of Economic Development granted a patent to the MOPEA collaboration between INFN (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro and Padova Division) and the University of Padua for the concept of an innovative electrostatic particle accelerator.

In state-of-the-art electrostatic particle accelerator, the accelerating field is obtained through the distribution of the terminal voltage along the accelerating tube. In this innovative design, the accelerating field is obtained through the sum of a series of high voltage discs, 100kV each, allowing modularity and scalability of the device.

The accelerating voltage and the power of each disc are obtained through the conversion of the light emitted by a laser on high efficiency photovoltaic cells. A Cockcroft-Walton circuit provides voltage multiplication.


The INFN and the University of Padua patent a new type of electrostatic accelerator

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