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LNL Research Division

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The Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL) is a Nuclear Physics (NP) based, user-oriented Research Centre focused on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Dynamics Studies, on Accelerator Technologies and on Applications of Nuclear Technologies. The impact of such activities on other research fields using ion beams, nuclear methods and techniques, such as Material, Earth and Life Sciences is getting every year stronger since the foundation of the Laboratories in 1968. Research activities have been continuously supported by intense R&D programmes covering proton and ion linacs, radiation and particle detector forefront technology. The current main research programs for nuclear physics are:

  • Structure of neutron–rich nuclei populated by binary reactions.
  • Nuclear structure at high spins, proton rich nuclei and superdeformation.
  • Fusion and grazing collisions around and below the Coulomb barrier.
  • Fission and quasi–fission dynamics with heavy–ion beams.
  • Nuclear structure at high excitation energy (giant resonances).
  • Nuclear reactions induced by light ions and neutrons.

The main interdisciplinary research programs concern:

  • Biophysics, medical physics, microdosimetry.
  • Environmental physics.
  • Solid state physics, material physics.
  • Accelerator physics, superconductivity, RNB developments.

A new radioactive ion beam facility (SPES) is presently under construction. Future programs for nuclear physics concern mainly the development of new instrumentation particularly suitable for physics studies with radioactive ion beams (RIB). Ongoing developments concern new generation gas and solid state detectors with related read-out electronics.
In the following tables an overview of the INFN research groups, working at LNL, is given. For a detailed list of the experimental setups presently operational see the link below.

INFN research groups working at LNL

INFN groupPhysics ItemLocal coordinator
Local Webpage
Official Webpage
CSN 1 Particle Physics S. Fantinel
CSN 2 Astroparticle Physics G. Ruoso
CSN 3 Nuclear Physics L. Corradi
CSN 5 Applied Physics E. Fagotti

INFN experiments at LNL

ExperimentLocal RsponsibleINFN CSNLocal pageOfficial Page
CMS S. Fantinel gr. 1 link link
 PVLAS  G. Ruoso gr. 2 link
MIR G. Ruoso gr. 2 link
AURIGA A. Ortolan gr. 2 link
CUORE V. Palmieri gr. 2 link
Gamma J.J. Valiente Dobon gr. 3
PRISMA-FIDES A. Stefanini gr. 3
Nucl-Ex M. Cinausero gr. 3 link link
n-TOF P. F. Mastinu gr. 3 link
ALICE M. Biasotto gr. 3 link
PANDA V. Rigato gr. 3 link
For an updated list of the INFN CSN5 experiments at LNL click here

Click here for list of the LNL experimental setups

Services provided by the LNL research division:

Material Physics Lab
Materials Science and Technology for Nuclear Physics
Radiobiology Laboratory
Radionuclides and Molecular Imaging Laboratory
Users Support

LNL Events

All events

PARIS User meeting
INFN-LNL, 28-29 November 2019

Programma INFN Docenti (PID)
INFN-LNL, 10-14 February 2020


LNL Seminars

All seminars

Molecular Imaging for clinical and preclinical researches
by Dr Giorgio Russo (IBFM-CNR)
Thursday, 28 November 2019 from 14:30 to 17:00, Rostagni meeting room

Quantum entanglement in Cooper pair tunneling between superfluid nuclei
by Prof. Ricardo Broglia (Università di Copenhagen)
Wednesday, 11 December 2019 from 11:00 to 13:00, Villi meeting room

Quantum advantage with superconducting quantum circuits: from sensing to computing
by Prof. Martin Weides (University of Glasgow)
Thursday, 12 December 2019 from 11:30 to 13:30, Villi meeting room

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