The European project PRISMAP started

The PRISMAP Horizon 2020 European project where INFN takes on a central role has been launched on May 1st

PRISMAP (PRoduction of high purity Isotopes by mass Separation for Medical APplication) is a collaboration agreement among the key European intense neutron sources, isotope mass separation facilities, high-power accelerators and cyclotrons, biomedical research institutes and hospitals. The consortium brings together 23 beneficiaries from 13 countries, one European Research Laboratory (CERN) and an International Organisation such as the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The main goal is to provide a sustainable source of high purity grade new radionuclides for medicine, both for diagnosis and therapy.

The LNL team will lead the research work on ion sources, targets, and isotope separation techniques. INFN contribution is also focused on nuclear cross section measurements and the dissemination of the research results.

Good luck to Mattia Manzolaro and his research team!

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Picture: The PRISMAP research team at LNL