INFN awards the best PhD thesis in physics of 2021

CSN3 assigned the Claudio Villi award to Eugenia Naselli , from the University of Catania, and to Giorgia Pasqualato, from the University of Padua, for the thesis “Experimental study of Electron Cyclotron Resonance plasmas by a multi-diagnostics system in stationary vs. turbulent regimes: perspectives to in-plasma β-decay investigations of nuclear and astrophysical interest” and “Lifetime measurements in 105Sn: the puzzle of B (E2) strengths in Sn isotopes”, judged as best doctoral theses in the field of nuclear physics.

Giorgia Pasqualato worked at INFN LNL for her thesis.

With this award, INFN remembers Claudio Villi, professor of the first Italian chair of nuclear physics at the University of Padua. Villi was responsible for the idea of ​​creating the Legnaro National Laboratories (LNL) of the INFN and the current organizational model of the Institute, which took shape during his term as president (1970-1975).

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Giorgia Pasqualato