DOE/INFN Summer Exchange Program for 2010

9th Edition

The LNL (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro) is one of the four INFN National Laboratories, it is located in Legnaro (Padova)

10 Km far from Padova.


Research activities at LNL focus on: Nuclear Physics, Detector Physics and Accelerator Technology.

Students are offered the possibility to work within experiments which will be performed during their stay in Legnaro and will further increase their experience in the areas of science and technology that are relevant for their academic training. Opportunities include participation in physics analysis activities of running experiments as well as involvement in detector developments.

The 4 available positions at INFN-LNL are the following:

LNL Tutor
Exotic Nuclei far from stability and related astrophysical aspects.
Nuclear Dynamics and Thermodynamics.
Computational aspects of low energy and high intensity beam accelerators: beam dynamics and RF codes.
Management of Data for the LNL Accelerators setup and runs



SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR: Dr. Giacomo de Angelis (tel. +39 049 8068630) e-mail:


Additional information is available at LNL website:


LNL local secretariat: Dr. Paola Carraretto email: phone +39 049-8068.342