S. Lenzi Gamma-ray spectroscopy in Europe - Perspectives in FP7
Detector Technology
goto Future campaigns
A. Boston Ge processing for X-ray and Gamma-ray detectors
G. de France Detector lab and associated developments at GANIL
G. Maggioni Passivation of HPGe detectors at LNL
J. Gerl FP7-JRA: Research on gamma detection and imaging
P. Jones Detector technology, Jyvaskyla perspective
I. Kojouharov GeLab at GSI
P. Reiter Ge detectors activities at IKP
D. Verney Transfer of the GeLab from IPHC, Strasbourg to IPN, Orsay
J. Simpson Aims of a Gamma-ray spectroscopy network
N. Pietralla Marie Curie ITN on Nuclear radiation detection technology
A. Boston Imaging with semiconductor detectors
Future Campaigns
goto Detector technology
A. Algora DESPEC
A. Boston Imaging projects at Liverpool
F. Camera Rising
G. de France Exogam
E. Farnea Clara - Gasp - Demonstrator at LNL
R. Julin Jurogam
W. Korten Agata Demonstrator
Zs. Podolyak HISPEC
J. Srebrny Warsaw
P. Van Duppen Miniball
D. Verney Gamma-ray spectroscopy at ALTO
Next Steps
GammaNet LoI writing group Silvia Lenzi, Jan Jolie, Rolf-Dietmar Herzberg, Rauno Julin, Dave Cullen, Dominique Curien, Daniel R. Napoli
GeLab JRA LoI J. Gerl