Prescrizioni per l’autorizzazione all’esercizio dell’acceleratore AN2000 dei LNL al di fuori del normale orario di lavoro da parte degli utilizzatori dello stesso

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The 2.5 MV LNL AN2000 Van de Graaff accelerator is used principally for interdisciplinary studies in materials science, solid state physics, biomedical analysis, radiation and environmental physics and geology. 
About 25 research groups coming from several national and international universities and research institutions  use the LNL facility, for a total effective beam-time of about 2500 hours.
The beam time is used mainly for carrying out solid state and material science experiments using elemental depth profiling with nuclear investigation techniques such as Rutherford and Non-Rutherford Backscattering (RBS) with proton and a-particles beams, Ion Channeling, Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA), low energy nuclear reaction analysis (NRA) and Proton Induced x-ray Emission (PIXE) on crystalline and amorphous semiconductors, ceramic and glassy materials and on metal alloy thin films or on environmental city or marine aerosol samples. 
The proton micro-beam facility is used for experiments involving high-lateral resolution micro-PIXE analysis of semiconductor, geological and environmental-aerosol samples and also single-event interaction, Ion Beam Induced Luminescence using rarefied low intensity proton beams.
Several groups of students of the Universities of Padova (Dept. of Physics), Trento (Dept. of Materials Engineering) and Venezia (Science Faculty, Materials Science Diploma) access every year the AN2000 laboratory for a fraction of the time, for carrying out didactic experiments concerning thin films analysis.

How to apply for beam time

Proposals are evaluated and selected on the basis of scientific merit by a User Selection Panel for Interdisciplinary Research (USIP)

Please, refer to the Application page.

 Contact persons:

Name position phone +39-049 fax
Valentino Rigato AN2000 Accelerator Coordinator
Enrico Fioretto Responsible of User Service
8068437 / 566
Demetre Zafiropoulos Responsible of Radioprotection Service

Paola Carraretto

Secretarial Staff
Barbara Tonello Direction Secretariat Service (User registration)