R.A. Ricci Internal Member
Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro and Department of Phisycs University of Padua
P. Mazzoldi External Member
Department of Phisycs, University of Padua
D. Goodhead External Member 
Radiation & Genome Stability Unit, MRC Harwell
J.C. Dran External Member 
Laboratoire de Recherche de Musees de France (Paris)
R. Broda External Member 
Instytut Fizyki Jadrowej (Kracow)



LNL Scientific Committee Secretariat
L. Pegoraro, P. Carraretto
INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro

The USP meets twice a year, usually in December and June, and has been appointed on 10 December 1999 with the task of evaluating the scientific proposals submitted to the LNL Director for research experiments to be carried out at CN and AN2000 Accelerators.

The USP writes out a list of priority experiments according to their scientific merit. On the basis of these indications the LNL Director prepares the list of approved experiments. The CN and AN2000 Coordinators then prepare the beam time schedule on the basis of the USP's evaluation and Director's decisions, and according to the requests contained on the "Beam Time request" forms.