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DOE/INFN Summer Exchange Program for 2017

16th Edition

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Research activities at LNL focus on  Accelerator Technology and targets for the production of  radioisotopes 

Students are offered the possibility to work within experiments which will be performed during their stay in Legnaro. During this period students can increase their experience in science and technology that are relevant for their academic training. Opportunities include participation in physics analysis activities of running experiments as well as involvement in detector developments.

Important: LNL will be closed for summer vacation one week in August (from 14th to 18th).

Please note that free-lodging at LNL guesthouse and free lunches at LNL canteen are available for DOE students.

The  3  available positions at INFN-LNL for year 2017 are the following:


1) Renewal of the controllers and supervision systems on ancillary plants of the accelerators for Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics at LNL.

At CN and AN2000, the two small LNL Accelerators for Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics there are several old auxiliary systems (for instance the magnets and the high pressure gas system) that need new and better controllers, automatic status logging and remote supervision to improve the accelerators performances.Small but complete projects will be developed together with the technicians of the machines in the areas indicated above. The candidate will have the opportunity to learn how to operate in the field of the engineering controls, in the field of acquisition systems of low-speed data, in a team of people working on accelerators for nuclear physics and in contact with groups that perform experiments in fundamental and applied physics.

Tutor: Stefania Canella, Leonardo La Torre

Preferred period: from early June to end of September 2017


2) Innovative surface treatments of superconducting cavities for new generation colliders

 Superconducting cavities are the heart of a particle accelerator and new colliders generation  ask for large numbers of SRF cavities. Reduction of fabrication costs becomes a main goal in making these machines affordable. The LNL at INFN disposes of a unique know how in cavity fabrication, that consists in producing seamless cavities and in sputtering Niobium onto copper. Recently our group has found an important technique to reach high quality cavity performances: the deposition of high purity thin films sputtered inside copper resonators. The candidate will have the possibility to learn the fundamentals of cavity technology, will take care of processing the cavities and will help in automating and controlling the processes.
The student will learn the basic of surface treatments and cavity fabrication technology.

Tutors: Enzo Palmieri, Cristian Pira

Preferred period: June/July 2017


3) Study of the heat fast removal from high intensity targets for the production of radioisotopes

Description: The project is devoted to the design and construction of a high efficiency cyclotron target fot 99mTc production with maximum level of heat dissipation from the target. It includes the design and engineering of all the parts of the target including deposition of 100Mo target material, the use of high thermal conductivity material for baking plate and cooling system with liquid metal coolant. 
The candidate will have the possibility to study and develop the target and learn the deposition techniques, as the magnetron sputtering.

Tutors: Enzo Palmieri, Hanna Skliarova

Preferred period: June/July 2017

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